So you want to be a VIP customer?

Carolina Mountain Cablevision's VIP Package is what everyone should sign up for. VIP stands for Video, Internet, and Telephone. You can get the VIP package, all you have to do is contact us and sign up.

Here is what you get

Basic Cable TV

You get Carolina Mountain Cablevision's Basic Cable TV service that includes 60 channels of analog cable tv. You can upgrade to digital services for a small additional monthly cost.

High-Speed Internet

You get Carolina Mountain Cablevision's High-Speed Internet with speeds up to 3Mbit/sec download and 256kbit/sec upload. This speed is up to 50 times faster than dial-up service allowing you to do alot in less time. You can also upgrade to a faster speed if you want for an additional monthly cost.

Phone Service

You also get Carolina Mountain Cablevision's Phone Service which includes our $29.95 Standard Residential Package. You can call anywhere in the continental U.S. as much as you want with no long distance charges. This package can also be upgraded to the Premium for an additional monthly cost.