Digital Conversion for Coaxial customers


The digital conversion occurring on 2/16/21 will effect COXIAL CUSTOMERS ONLY. Also, if you already have a Digital or DVR box on your TV then that TV will not require any additional setup.

BEFORE contacting customer support, please review the information on this page to attempt to resolve any issues you are experiencing.

You will need to reprogram your TV after the digital conversion occurs. Below are general instructions to reprogram most TVs.

How do I program my TV to view the new channel lineup?

Most modern TVs have a “Channel Search” or “Auto Program” function that will automatically scan the incoming signals and detect the ones that are available. It may be necessary to do a channel search before your TV will allow you to tune to a specific channel.

You most likely will need the original manufacturer’s remote control to access the TV menu.

  1. Using the original manufacturer’s remote control, Go into the TV Menu and select “Set Up”
  2. Go into the TV Menu and select an option similar to “Set Up”, “Settings”, or “Channels”
  3. Look for and select an option similar to “Channel Search” or “Auto Program”
  4. You may have to choose a tuner type such as Antenna or Cable. Select Cable, do not choose Antenna.
  5. You may have to select Start to make the TV start scanning and searching for all available channels
  6. After this auto search is completed, there should be approximately 60-70 channels available for viewing (if the TV has an internal digital tuner). If no channels are available, it is likely the TV does not have digital tuner. if this happens scroll to the bottom of the page for further instructions.

For other generic setup instructions please see this page.

TV Support contact list

The instructions below may not be for your particular model of TV. For instructions for your particular TV, please contact the manufacturer or visit their website. Below is a list of support contact numbers and websites for most manufacturers in the US.

TV Provider Support

  • Apex Digital 877.833.1888

DTA installation instructions

If your TV doesn’t have a digital tuner, you will need to install a DTA to receive the new digital signal from Carolina Mountain Cablevision. Carolina Mountain Cablevision will provide 1 per household at no charge. Additional DTAs are available at a cost of $5.35 per month. You can pickup DTAs at our main office located at 4930 Jonathan Creek Rd Waynesville, NC 28785.

You can DOWNLOAD the DTA install manual here:

Evolution-DTA-install-manualDownload Evolution-DTA-remote-manualDownload
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