Equal Opportunity Policy


It is the policy of Carolina Mountain Cablevision Inc. to provide equal opportunity for employment to all applicants and throughout the employment process.


Every individual, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex or ancestry applying for employment at Carolina Mountain Cablevision Inc. will be considered and will receive equal treatment.

The following will be based on ability, experience, performance, education, attitude, adaptability, and bona fide occupational qualifications:

  • Recruitment to Fill Open Positions
  • Selection and Hiring of New Employees
  • Promotion, Demotion, or Transfer of Current Employees
  • Layoff or Termination of Current Employees
  • Rate of Pay or Other Forms of Compensation
  • Selection of Training Including Apprenticeship’s

All Management Personnel in making decisions that affect one or more of the above will be required to operate under this policy.

Office hours M-F 8-12 and 1-5pm
Closed most holidays
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