Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Cable Frequently Asked Questions

What is my channel lineup?

View your channel lineup

What is the difference between analogue and digital channels?

Analogue channels are channels between 2 and 63 and no digital box is needed to receive analogue channels. Digital channels are delivered by a digital box.

What do I do if I am having problems receiving channels?

If you are missing some channels… Go into your TV’s main setup menu and make sure that it is in the Cable (CATV mode), not TV, Air or Antenna.

If your TV is skipping channels? You may want to Auto-Program your TV. Go into the main menu of your TV and look for an option to “Auto-Tune” or “Auto- Program”.

If you are still having problems, please Contact Us.

How do I order a PPV movie?

You cannot order a PPV movie without a digital box.

How does Carolina Mountain Cablevision choose the networks it carries?

There are many different factors that contribute to the selection of programming for Carolina Mountain Cablevision. In general, some of the deciding factors are cost, subscriber demand, ratings, availability of open channels on our cable system, and whether or not there are similar channels on our lineup.

Why do I have to know how many cable outlets I need installed?

We need to know the number of TVs for which you would like to have video service installed so that our technicians will be prepared to install your service properly. In most areas of Carolina Mountain Cablevision service area, you can have our Basic Cable service on up to 2 outlets in your home with no additional equipment or charge. To receive our digital services, including, DVR, Movies, and multiplexed premium channels, you will need a digital box.

I think my neighbor is stealing cable. What should I do?

Please contact Carolina Mountain Cablevision if you feel someone is receiving services without paying for them. It is illegal to fraudulently obtain cable service by attaching a wire or device to the converter or any other company wires or equipment. In some cases, we will offer amnesty if the offender agrees to become a paying customer, but we do reserve our right to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

I have a complaint about my Cable TV Service. What should I do?

North Carolina Cable Complaint Resolution - If you have a complaint about your cable service, you should FIRST contact customer service at the following telephone number: 1-828-926-2288. If we are unable to satisfactorily resolve your complaint, you may contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office of the State of North Carolina at

Digital Cable Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Receiver?

A Digital Receiver is a piece of equipment that receives digital programming from Carolina Mountain Cablevision Cable and converts it into a format that can be connected to and viewed on a TV set. It is also commonly referred to as a Set Top Box (STB) or cable box. Different models support different features, and may include or exclude services such as analog programming, digital programming High Definition programming, certain Interactive Programming Guides, DVR, etc. Other items may be included with a Digital Receiver such as a Universal Remote. User guides for our digital boxes can be found here.

What is the difference between Digital and Cable TV service?

Carolina Mountain Cablevision Digital uses a digital signal, allowing for more data (e.g., channels, music, movies, etc.) to be sent across our network to your home. The Digital Receiver formats the digital signal so that you may view it on your television. This allows Carolina Mountain Cablevision to deliver more choices than are available with basic analog cable service.

Do I have to pay a deposit on the digital box to have it installed in my home?

You do not need to pay a deposit if you leave a credit card number on your account at the time of installation for security purposes.

Why does the TV Guide flip bar read, "To Be Announced"?

If this occurs on a single program time slot, then there may have been no guide data available from the programmers. If this occurs on multiple channels, then there may have been a power interruption to the Set Top Box. Leave the box connected to power and the guide should fully update itself within approximately 45 minutes. If this does not refresh the box, please contact us.

There is a red light showing on my Digital Receiver. What does it mean?

The red light does not indicate a problem. It simply indicates that you have a message from Carolina Mountain Cablevision. You can access the message through the Interactive Program Guide and read and/or delete the message. Carolina Mountain Cablevision will utilize this feature to advise you of any channel changes, specials, promotions, and how you can save money by bundling Carolina Mountain Cablevision’s services. If you have a DVR box then the Rec light will be on when the power is turned off. user guides for our digital boxes can be found here.
To view the message using the TV Guide:
1. Press Menu on your Universal Remote.
2. Go to the house icon on the bottom of the screen.
3. Use the arrow keys to scroll to the digital messages button.
4. Press OK on the remote to select the message.
5. After reading the message, you have the option to save or delete the message
6. Use the arrow keys on the remote to highlight the Save or Delete icon.
7. Press OK on the remote to select the action.
8. When you read or delete the message the red light will disappear.
9. Press Exit on the remote to exit the guide.

How do I block channels I don't want to receive?

Customers can block channels from their cable lineup by using the Parental Control feature available on most digital box models leased from Carolina Mountain Cablevision. It's also possible that, depending on the model of television or VCR you have, you could program your own television equipment to block programming you prefer not to receive.

Can I reset the time on the Digital Receiver?

No, the receiver time is controlled by a central system.

Can I get digital services on all TVs in my home?

Yes, we can install a digital receiver on all of your TVs for an additional monthly cost.

How do I find out which channels are included in the package and/or digital tier I want to purchase?

The channel lineup contains a list of channels that are offered by area. View your channel lineup

Are the prices shown here the actual prices I will be charged for the services I select?

Yes. Please note that prices may vary per area and do not include taxes and fees. Installation fees may apply.

Having problems receiving any channels from your digital box?

Make sure your tv is set on channel 3 if you are using a coaxial cable from the box to your tv. If you are using Audio/Video cables make sure your tv is on the appropriate video setting.

If you are still having problems please Contact Us.

Order a Pay-Per-View movie?

While in one of the PPV listings menus, press or highlight the program you want to order, then press OK.

  • Highlight the Buy icon at the bottom of the screen, then press OK.
  • Highlight Buy icon, then press OK. NOTE: If you have a purchase code set, you will be asked to enter it here in place of highlighting "Buy".
  • A reminder will automatically be set for the ordered PPV program. You must tune to the program within the designated time window in order for the program to actually be purchased.
Premium channel reception problem?

Please try the following steps if you are having trouble receiving premium channels.

Are you subscribing to the service?

If not, please Contact Us to learn more about our Premium channels & packages.

Did you just recently start subscribing to the service?

It may take up to 30 minutes for you to receive the channel. If these steps did not resolve your problem, please Contact Us.

What is my channel lineup?

Channel Lineup - CLICK HERE

What is the difference between coaxial cable and fiber optic cable?

Coaxial cable is pure copper or copper-coated wire surrounded by insulation with an aluminum covering used to transmit television, telephone and data signals. Fiber optic cable is also used to deliver the same types of signals but carry much wider bands of frequencies. It's made of very thin, pliable tubes of glass or plastic.

How do I use this new blue i-guide menu system?

The new i-Guide is a welcome addition to our digital setup. It has tons more features than the old tan guide and allows you to do so much more with your digital box. To learn how to use it then visit If you have a HD/DVR box then click Play Demo for Dual Tuner. If you have any other box click Play Demo for single tuner. If for some reason your box is still showing the old tan guide then give us a call so we can fix it.

Digital Cable Hook up Diagrams

Digital Cable Hook up Diagrams - CLICK HERE!

Pay-Per-View Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Carolina Mountain Cablevision Pay-Per-View?

1. Press menu button, highlight PPV icon on the bottom of the screen and press OK, highlight PPV By Time, PPV By Title, Events, or Adult; then press OK.
2. Press EXIT at any time to return to watching TV.
3. Press MENU to return to the Main Menu.

How do I order Carolina Mountain Cablevision Pay-Per-View?

1. While in one of the PPV listing menus, press or highlight the desired program; then press OK.
2. Highlight the desired start time or Buy icon; then press OK.
3. Highlight Buy icon; then press OK.
A reminder will automatically be set for the ordered PPV program. You must tune to the program within the designated time in order for the program to actually be purchased.

How do I cancel a Pay-Per-View order?

1. Highlight the ordered program in any of the listings menus; then press OK.
2. Highlight Cancel; then press OK.

How much does Carolina Mountain Cablevision Pay-Per-View cost?

Events are available on Carolina Mountain Cablevision Digital Pay-Per-View and vary in pricing. Fees for live events like boxing and wrestling as well as adult events vary by program.

Can I order a Pay-Per-View event ahead of time?

Yes, use your remote to access the Main Menu and navigate to the selection of your choice. You may order the event any time it is available in the menu. A reminder will be set and you will not be charged unless you tune to that channel during the event.

Digital Video Recording Frequent Questions and Answers

What is the difference between Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR and a VCR?

A VCR uses a VHS cassette tape to record approximately 2-6 hours, depending on quality, of programs in an analog format. Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR (Digital Video Recorder) stores recorded programs in a digital format on a hard drive built into your receiver, saving you from the hassles of a VCR. Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR can conveniently store several hours* of recorded programming unlike a VCR. Recorded programs can be easily managed and selected from an electronic on screen guide.

Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR features include:

  • Seamlessly record your favorite movies, sitcoms, documentaries, prime-time drama and live sporting events at your convenience.
  • Access your live and recorded programs easily with the Carolina Mountain Cablevision On Screen Guide.
  • Set up a program to record once or to automatically record every episode for the entire season.
  • Watch your favorite show while recording another, or record two shows while watching a third recorded program.
  • Pause and rewind live TV.
  • Record Standard Definition and/or High Definition programming.
  • *Storage time available for each type of programming depends on the hard drive size and model of DVR used.
  • Carolina Mountain Cablevision currently offers the 6416 Digital Video Recorder with a Recording Capacity of:
  • Analog TV Shows (not digital) - Channels 2 through 63. Capacity is up to 30 hours.
  • Digital TV shows (compressed) - Channels above 135 and above. Capacity is between 30 and 60 hours.
  • High Definition TV shows (HDTV) - Capacity is up to 15 hours.
  • (High Definition TV shows are broadcast in HD may be recorded in the same format, provided your DVR is connected to a High Definition Television.
  • Recording times may vary.
Can Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR record two shows at once?

Yes, you can watch one program while recording another or you can record two programs simultaneously while watching a third recorded program.

When will Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR be available in my area?

Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR is available in most markets today. Please call our office for availability in your area or contact us

Will I need to purchase any special equipment to use the Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR product?

No purchase is necessary! Carolina Mountain Cablevision Cable can provide you with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) when you sign up for service for an extra monthly fee.

Can I get a DVR that allows me to watch and record High Definition programming?

Yes! You can view and record HD programming with a Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR! If you are interested in a Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR that supports HD programming please specify when ordering.

Can I record programs from premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, etc. on my Carolina Mountain Cablevision DVR?

Yes, you can record premium channel programming, such as HBO, on your DVR for later playback


To view how the DVR function works with Carolina Mountain Cablevision please go to the link below for a free Demonstration. Click on the “Play Demo” for the Dual Tuner then go to “Digital Video Recording” and sit back and watch!

HDTV Frequently Asked Questions

What is HDTV?

A High Definition Television (HDTV) is a type of Digital Television (DTV) that receives and/or displays high definition television images and surround sound. HDTV programming and TVs together provide a detailed, sharper image due to the increased number of pixels contained in the received digital. HDTV screens are wider than the traditional analog TV screens. Analog TVs offer a screen aspect ratio of 4:3 while HDTV’s offer an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is similar to a movie screen. This allows you to see movies as they were filmed without reformatting. There are also HDTV capable sets that have the regular TV 4:3 ratio, but format HD content in a letterbox presentation (with black bars on the top and bottom of the TV image).

Enhanced Definition Televisions (EDTV) also exists. These 4:3 aspect ratio TVs can not receive HD formatted signals. They can receive enhanced definition signals, which do not have the detail of an HD signal, but do improve on the standard definition (SD) picture.

What HDTV programming does Carolina Mountain Cablevision offer?

With Carolina Mountain Cablevision HDTV, you can subscribe to, or receive a number of HD channels, but availability can vary by location. Available channels are not limited to, but may include the following:
Note: Channel availability varies by location.
Carolina Mountain Cablevision is looking to add many more High Def channels by year end

What do I need to get Carolina Mountain Cablevision HDTV?

You will need an HD capable digital receiver from Carolina Mountain Cablevision and an HDTV set. You will also need Component video cables and Composite audio cables or an HDMI cable to connect this equipment together. You should have these available when you have Carolina Mountain Cablevision HDTV installed.

Is Carolina Mountain Cablevision Digital the same as Digital TV?

Actually, digital cable and digital TV are different. Both use a digital signal, allowing for more data (e.g., channels, music, movies, etc.) to be sent across our network to your home versus an analog signal. The digital receiver receives formats and outputs the signal so that you can view it on your television.

However, you can receive Carolina Mountain Cablevision Digital on any TV, not just digital televisions. HDTV requires new production (the making of the programs we watch), new transmission (broadcast stations), and specific equipment (HDTV set and decoder) for reception.

Note: If any of the components above are not HD-compatible, you will see a digital-quality image, not an HD-image.

If I get a Carolina Mountain Cablevision HDTV-capable receiver/decoder, can I watch HD programming on my regular TV?

You need to have a High Definition television with a HD receiver to display HD content in HD. Some HD receivers can be configured to down convert the received HD signal into a standard definition signal for display on SDTVs. The viewed content would no longer be HD content, but would be viewable in SD.

I already have an HD television. Do I still need a Carolina Mountain Cablevision HD-capable receiver/decoder?

Yes, you will need the Carolina Mountain Cablevision HDTV receiver that includes a decoder to receive the HD programming.

Why do I need an HDMI cable?

If your TV has an HDMI input then the HDMI cable is the absolute best connection available for the HD or HD/DVR box to your tv. It is necessary in order to view the HD channels in full HD format on your tv. Component cables can also be used but it is not near as easy as the HDMI hookup. HDMI cables pass the video and the audio signals all in one cable instead of several different cables. We supply HDMI cables with our HD and HD/DVR boxes if your tv has an HDMI input. A regular non-HD tv can watch the HD channels (not in true HD) without an HDMI cable as long as your have an HD or HD/DVR box.

How can I tell if I am watching an HD channel on my HD or HD/DVR box?

The best way to tell if you are watching an HD channel in general is by learning which channels the HD are. Keep in mind sometimes the local channel HD's don't always show true HD format shows. Sometimes during the day they show regular format shows that have black bars on the sides, this is normal. When they air a show that is filmed in HD format it normally has no black bars on the sides. The other method of telling if you are watching an HD channel is to watch the format indicator (light) on the front of the box. The format indicator is to the right of channel or time on the front display. If it is at the bottom which is 480i then you are not on an HD channel. If you see it at the top or the next one down, 1080i and 720p respectively, then your are on an HD channel. There may be exceptions to this rule at times but normally it is correct.

Why do I see black bars on the sides of some channels using my box?

If you are seeing black bars on the sides of the picture on your "widescreen" tv while using a HD or HD/DVR box then the film or show you are watching was either not filmed in an HD format or has not been upconverted to an HD format by the network. In that case you are actually watching the film or show in the format it was supposed to be watched. You can usually spread it out by using the TV remote and changing the "pic size", "format", "ratio", or "aspect" buttons but keep in mind it may make the picture or actors look short and wide. The best way to do it is leave your TV on auto aspect or normal to watch it the way it was meant to be watched. When you tune to a HD channel your picture, if the TV is set to auto aspect or normal, will naturally fill the entire screen according to what the content was filmed in. Keep in mind that some of the local networks HD channels will not fill the entire screen during the day on normal shows. If the show is filmed in HD format and you are on an HD channel it should fill the entire screen.

Why does it sometimes take several seconds for the picture to appear when changing some channels?

Sometimes on your HD or HD/DVR box when you are changing channels from an HD to a regular no-HD and back you will see the screen flash a time or two and it may take several seconds for the picture to appear. This is normal since the box is having to change formats and tell the tv to also change formats.

Why does it sometimes take a long time for the picture to come on when I turn my box on?

If your HD or HD/DVR box is having to read the format and change its format then it may take several seconds before the picture comes on. Also if the box is hooked to the TV using an HDMI cable it may take a bit for the box to talk to the TV and handshake with it. This is normal.

Why does changing the volume on the box (seeing the progress bar) not actually change the heard audio?

While using an HDMI cable to hook your HD or HD/DVR box to your tv the volume on the box will not actually change the heard volume on the TV. This is a problem easily fixed by you with the remote. First on the remote you need to press menu, then select the Home icon and hit OK. Next scroll down to setup (may have to scroll all the way down off the page to find it) and click OK. Highlight Audio Setup and press OK. Next highlight "Optimal Stereo" and hit the right arrow button to turn it on and then press the Exit button. Next hold down the TV button on your remote for 6 seconds or until the light goes solid (lights on the top of remote will start flashing and then the TV light will go solid). Once it goes solid press the Volume + button on the remote and the TV light will flash 3 times. From now on when you press the volume button on your remote it will turn the TV's volume up and down instead of the boxes and the volume will work correctly.

High Speed Internet Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Carolina Mountain Cablevision High Speed Internet System Requirements?

We can only provide technical support for the machines specified below:
Pentium Class Machine
16 Meg of Ram
Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista-or
A Power Mac, OS 7.5.3 or above
All machines MUST have an Ethernet Card (10-baseT or above). If you need a referral to have one installed, we'll be happy to provide some options.

What is a cable modem?

A cable modem is a small box that connects your computer to the Internet via your local cable television provider. A cable modem has two connections, one that leads to the cable lines outside your home and an Ethernet connection to your computer.

How does a cable modem work?

Cable modems modulate and demodulate RF signals. The cable modem receives data in what is known as the downstream signal. This signal is modulated on television channels that are 6 MHz wide at frequencies between 88 and 750MHz. Using QAM 64 technology, downstream speeds can reach up to 27Mb/s on the 6 MHz channel, through which the data is transferred. This signal usually runs adjacent to other television signals.

How does High Speed Internet Access work?

Instead of a computer modem hooked up to a local phone line, a high speed cable modem links your PC to the cable fiber- optic/coaxial network and server complex. You can access local and national content from our servers which also provide a gateway for you to connect to the Internet at very high speeds.

What are the advantages of using a cable modem to access the Internet?

A cable modem will provide you with rapid download transmission speeds. Downloading a file that would take one-half hour using a telephone modem connection will take only a few seconds with a cable modem connection. As a high- speed medium, you will be able to view many different multimedia presentations – “live” or streamed – such as concerts, movies, etc.

Also, a cable modem provides a continual connection to the Internet because two-way cable modems do not require the use of a telephone line. Your service will not be interrupted or receive external static since the outer layer of the cable line will not allow any noise to enter the transmission line.

How does Carolina Mountain Cablevision High-Speed Internet connect to my computer?

You will have to purchase a cable modem that connects to the Ethernet port on most computers – it’s as simple as that. We can also provide the cable modem for an additional monthly cost.

Do I need an Ethernet Card for my computer?

Yes, most new computers come with an Ethernet Card already.

What operating system do I need for High Speed Internet Access?

Windows 98 or newer.

Will I be able to talk on the phone and use Carolina Mountain Cablevision High-Speed Internet at the same time?

Yes. Carolina Mountain Cablevision provides you with a dedicated, always-on connection that never has busy signals and never ties up your phone.

Will I be able to watch TV and use High-Speed Internet at the same time?

Yes. While our services travel over the same network, neither service is affected by using both simultaneously.

How fast will a cable modem download and upload data?

Network speeds can reach up to 27Mb/s, but speeds will also depend on the service level to which you subscribe. The asymmetric cable modem scheme is the most common type of cable network setup, and will allow for a faster data transmission rate (higher bandwidth) on the downstream data path than the upstream data path. This network setup works well since most cable modem users download more information than they send. For example, downloading web pages and multimedia files and participating in newsgroups requires much more bandwidth than sending web page requests or e-mail.

How does a cable modem compare with a dial-up or DSL?

Cable modems can connect to the Internet and download information much faster than a dial-up modem. For example, it will take a cable modem user milliseconds to connect to the Internet, while it will take a dial-up modem user about a minute. Cable modems can also download information at speeds up to 8Mb/s while a dial-up modem will only download information at 53Kb/s or less. Cable Modems are 3 to 10 times faster than DSL depending on where you live.

Is a telephone line still required when using a cable modem to access the Internet?

No, You will not need a telephone line when using a two-way cable modem. The cable line carries both upstream and downstream signals.

What browsers can I use?

Most current versions of Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer work well with our cable modem service.

How do I set my home page in Internet Explorer (IE)?

To set the home page in Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel
  • Select "Internet Options"
  • Under the first tab labeled "General" in the top of this window
  • Type in the name of the web page you would like to use as your home page, such as or any page that you would like to use.
  • Click "Apply"
  • Click "OK"
What e-mail programs can I use?

Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Eudora are the most common e-mail programs and work well with our cable modem service.
Carolina Mountain Cablevision offers up to five (5) e-mail addresses FREE.

Does Carolina Mountain Cablevision provide virus protection?

No. You are responsible for supplying your own virus protection software on your computer.

Does Carolina Mountain Cablevision provide spam control and a firewall protection?

No. You are responsible for supplying your own spam control software and firewall protection. There are many types of Firewall Protection available through other vendors. Most Anti-Virus software have Firewall protection available.

How much can I save by packaging the services I take?

If you subscribe to our Basic Cable service, High Speed Internet Access and Phone Service, you can save up to $20.00 per month.

Can I have more than one computer hooked up in my home or office?

Yes, by purchasing a router you can have multiple computers using the internet at the same time.

Can I keep my current Internet Service Provider?

Yes, but you will be paying for them.

How many e-mail addresses can I have?

Carolina Mountain Cablevision offers up to five (5) e-mail addresses FREE.
If you have a question that cannot be answered here, please call our Customer Service Center 828-926-2288, Monday- Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm or send us an email.

Phone Service Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need High Speed Internet in order to receive Phone Service?

Yes, since Phone Service utilizes your broadband bandwidth, it is necessary to have High Speed Internet to receive Phone Service.

What is VOIP technology?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the technology that Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service uses to carry phone calls. VOIP provides voice telephony services using Internet Protocol (IP). This allows you to make telephone calls using Carolina Mountain Cablevision’s broadband network. VOIP converts the voice signal from your telephone into digital packets that travel over the broadband network and then converts these packets back to a voice signal at the other end of the call. VOIP allows you to call anyone with a regular phone number and works the same way as traditional telephone service. When placing a call using Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service, you’ll hear a dial tone and dial just as you always have. Your call will be placed using VOIP technology, but the call will be just as crystal clear as with traditional telephone service.

How much is the Phone Service and what is included in the service?

$29.95 per month for standard and $39.95 per month for premium for all calls in the 48 contiguous states & Canada (excluding Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico). All Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding features are also included free.

Can I port (transfer my same land line number to the Phone Service number) my existing number and at what cost?

Yes in most cases, there is a $20.00 charge to port your number and a time frame of a minimum of 2 weeks. (Porting of your number depends on the telephone provider)

Should I disconnect my land line service?

It is totally up to you, we usually ask if you have a cell phone or another means of contacting someone in case of a power outage. If you are having your number ported do not contact your land line provider to disconnect your service. This will happen automatically when the number gets ported.

What happens to my Phone Service if my electrical power goes out?

Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service provides homes with phone service using a Network Interface Unit that requires electrical power in the home. As is the case with most cordless phones, Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service equipment will not work in the event of an electrical power outage, and you will not be able to make or receive calls, including 911 calls. This includes electrical power outages that are not necessarily at your home but are occurring on the lines which feeds the cable service to your area.
Please note that if your Cable service and modem service has been shut off for any reason, your Phone Service will not operate.

Can I call 911 using Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service?

Please read our 911 Disclaimer located here.

Can I have my whole house hooked up to the Phone Service?

Yes, if the internal, existing wiring is sufficient and in good condition. Just because regular land line service works does not mean Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service will work.

Can I make overseas calls?

Yes, Phone Service has very competitive International Rates please see the International Rates.

Can I have more than 1 number?

Yes, there is a fee for the 2nd number of $5.00 per month. This does not mean you get an extra line in your home. For example you can get a number from a different city in the U.S. and it will ring on your phone along with your first number.
If you want a 2nd separate phone line it is the same price as the first line.

Can I still receive collect calls with Phone Service?

No, however, you can sign up for an 800 number which enables the caller to call you toll free.

What are the packages that include the Phone Service?

We offer our "VIP Package" which includes our Basic Cable service, High Speed Internet 30mgb Access & Phone Service for $132.11. This is a savings of over $10 per month.

Who can order Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone service?

To order Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service, you must live in a location where Carolina Mountain Cablevision High-Speed Internet has been deployed.

Does Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service work the same way as traditional phone service?

Inside the customer’s home, the only difference is that Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service does not work with rotary phones. Outside the customer’s home, we take advantage of state-of-the-art broadband technology. This allows us to deliver clear calls and advanced calling features

What equipment is needed for Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service?

Customers with touch-tone phones will not need to purchase new equipment. The customer’s existing telephone wires and phones will work with Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service. You will have to purchase a phone device from us in order to use the Phone Service. Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service will not work with rotary phones.

Is there any troubleshooting I can do on my own should I have a problem?

Absolutely! If you take a few minutes to double-check the following items, your problem may be easier to fix than you thought:

  • Check your equipment (e.g., cordless phone, answering machine, or fax) by disconnecting it from the phone jack and power source. Sometimes resetting your equipment will restore service.
  • Make sure all of your phones are hung up.
  • Do a visual inspection of all exposed wiring and connections for damage or loose connections.
  • If you have more than one outlet, check each instrument at each outlet to determine if operation can be obtained from any outlet.
  • To isolate jack or house wiring problems, move a working telephone to each jack in the house to find which location is causing the trouble.
How to Use Your Phone Service

You will use Phone Service the same way you always have.

Can I Fax with my Phone Service?

Yes you can. Be warned that there is no guarantee that it will work 100%.


Faxing via any Internet phone service provider can be a bit of a challenge. The service provider must convert the fax transmissions into an Internet format, send them out, and translate them back at the other end. These complex hand-shakes make for a challenging transaction. The following section contains some valuable tips on faxing with Carolina Mountain Cablevision's Phone Service.

What to look for in a fax machine:

The vast majority of current consumer grade fax machines and the increasingly popular all-in-one printer/fax/scanner machines available via national retailers provide a consistent level of service. Look for Fax Transmission Speeds described in terms like "G3 compatible", "sends 1 page per 6 seconds" or "modem speed at 9,600 bps or 14,400 bps" (sometimes shown as 14.4k bps). If your fax machine package indicates this level of performance, you should be in good shape to fax via Carolina Mountain Cablevision's Phone Service. Remember, your fax reliability may vary depending on the speed of your broadband connection.

Avoid Super G3 speed:

There is another fax speed out there called Super G3. Most consumer grade faxes don't offer Super G3 speed. Fax machines supporting Super G3 are most typically found in a corporate business environment. While sometimes a fax in Super G3 mode will go through using Carolina Mountain Cablevision's Phone Service, longer faxes are more likely to have some sort of transmission problem, and we cannot guarantee reliable operation of Super G3 fax transmissions.

Some more technical speak and what the future holds:

Carolina Mountain Cablevision wants you to have the best service quality possible. To accomplish this, we use the G.711 VoIP format to send both our voice and fax calls. G.711 is the closest format to the traditional telephone network and needs 80-90 kbps to operate which broadband easily supports. In addition, Carolina Mountain Cablevision's Phone Service supports the protocol T.38 for fax with a simple change in the ATA device. This protocol was developed by Cisco Systems in the late 1990's and has become the industry standard for fax. Unfortunately, when you make a fax call using Carolina Mountain Cablevision's Phone Service, a combination of VoIP and traditional telephone companies may be involved to get your call to it's destination, thus if the service provider you're calling doesn't support T.38 we're back to using G.711 (which everyone supports). Carolina Mountain Cablevision is looking to make fax work all the time with any fax machine and be as fast as possible. To improve fax, Carolina Mountain Cablevision is challenging our equipment vendors and other service providers to work with us and make all kinds of calling, including fax, easier and more reliable for you.

Domestic Calls

For calls within your own service area Dial either the 7 digit number or the 10 digit number

For calls outside your service area Dial 1+ area code+ 7 DIGIT NUMBER

International Calls

Dial 011 + the country code + phone number

Remember International Calls will be applicable anywhere outside the contiguous 48 states & Canada excluding Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico. Check out our International Rates.

Where can I get a user manual for my phone device?

You can find user manuals for our phone devices here.

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