High-Speed Internet

With Carolina Mountain Cablevision High-Speed Internet you can enjoy an always-on connection that is always ready to connect you to the world. You can download files and surf at blazing fast speeds all at ease. Best of all no phone line is required for our High-Speed Internet so you can be online and talk on your phone at the same time, talk about convenience! Be prepared to be blowed away as we offer speeds unrivaled by any dial-up, dsl, or wireless connection. We have a variety of speeds available to fit your needs. You get 10 MB of webspace (available on request) on our servers you can use to make your own homepage for all your friends to see. You also get up to 5 email accounts so the whole family can keep in touch.

All that is needed in order to get connected to our High-Speed Internet is a cable modem and a call to our office at 877-646-6406. Any Docsis compatible cable modem should work on our system. You can also rent one of our cable modems to use for your connection. We may also have to install a cable line in your house directly to where the cable modem is located. If you have more than one computer you will need to purchase a router or cable modem with built in router so every computer can access the internet at the same time. Our service does not support switching computers around without a router behind the cable modem. If you need assistance deciding what you need please give our office a call. Please make sure to check out our FAQ's or policies for answers and rules that apply to your Carolina Mountain Cablevision High-Speed Internet service. If you need to look at manuals for a few of the modems you can find those here.

If you are considering purchasing our internet service you should read our Network Management Practices Policy Disclosure before hand located here.


Carolina Mountain Cablevision High-Speed Internet service is 100% available to customers in our service area. That means if you can get our Cable TV service then you can get our High-Speed Internet. Residential customers can check out our services and rates to see how our High-Speed Internet is so affordable. Business packages are available, just call the local office to find out the rates and advantages in a High-Speed Internet Business Account. Static Ip's are also available for an additional charge. Please call our office at 877-646-6406 for more assistance.

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