Below you will find the feature list for our Standard and Premium Phone Services.
These features can also be accessed using your customer management login page. 

2020 Phone Rates

Below you will find the prices and rates of services that we have available to you.  
If you have any questions please contact our business office during regular business hours.
  (Rates exclude applicable local, state, and federal fees and taxes.) 

Monthly Service Rates

Standard Residential Phone

Standard Phone Service Features

Anonymous Call Rejection Do Not Disturb
Automatic Callback (intragroup) Last Number Redial
Call Forwarding (Always, Busy, No Answer, Remote Access) Speed Dial 8 & Speed Dial 100
Call Hold Three-Way Calling
Call Return Personal Web Portal
Call Trace Web Portal Call Logs
Call Waiting Group Services
Cancel Call Waiting Per Call Calling Plans (Incoming/Outgoing)
Calling Line ID and Name Delivery Configurable Feature Codes
Calling Line ID Blocking Per Call  


Premium Phone Service Features

Premium features include all of the above standard features plus the following.
Alternate Numbers Access Selective Call Rejection
Call Forwarding Selective Sequential Ring
Call Screening by Digit Pattern Simultaneous Ring
Diversion Inhibitor Video Add-On
CommPilot Express Click-to-Dial, -Redial
Priority Alert/Ringing Click-to-Hold, -Transfer, -3-Way
Remote Office Phone Lists (Personal, Call Logs)
Selective Call Acceptance Voicemail

Features Aliaza

Code Action
Account-Wide Call Screening
*77 Anonymous Caller Block
*87 Anonymous Caller Allow
User Call Screening/Do Not Disturb
*78 Do Not Disturb Enable
*79 Do Not Disturb Disable
User Call Forwarding
*72/*73 Call Forward All
*90/*91 Call Forward Busy
*92/*93 Call Forward No Answer
*94/*95 Call Forward Out of Service
User Dialing/Call Handling
*55 + Extension S ends Calls Directly to Voicemail
*99 Voicemail Management
*86 Call Park
*88 + Parking slot Call Park Retrieval
*89 + Extension Pick up Another User's Incoming Call
*57 Call Waiting - Disable
*56 and *43 Call Waiting - Enable
*69 Last Call Return
*65 Enable Caller ID Next Call
*67 Disabled Caller ID Next Call
*70 Disable Call Waiting Next Call
n11 Codes/ Operator
0 Operator
211 Call Non-Emergency Services- local community and social services
411 Call Information
611 Call Customer Service
711 TTY - Telecomunications Relay Services
811 Call Before You Dig- information about buried utility lines
811 Call Canada Non-Emergency Health Services - only for customers in Canada
911 Call Emergency Services
Office hours M-F 8-12 and 1-5pm
Closed most holidays
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