Phone Service

With Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone service you can stay connected with all your family and friends with ease. If you have a High-Speed Internet connection you can sign-up for our Phone Service and enjoy talking digitally over the Internet at significant savings over your old analog phone service. Use the Phone Service just like any other phone in your house. Your phone conversations travel from your phone through the ATA, cable modem and our network and onto the internet where it travels back the opposite way back to you. Everything works at very low latency to provide an enjoyable experience while using the Phone Service. To see our rates please check out our Phone rates.

In order to be able to use our Phone Service you have to have a High-Speed Internet service with minimum transfer rates of 3000K/256K download/upload. Any normal phone (corded or cordless) you can buy at a store should work on our Phone Service. You do not need to have your computer turned on in order to use our Phone Service. You do however have to leave your High-Speed Internet cable modem connected and on at all times (Actually your cable modem should never be turned off with or without Phone Service).

Carolina Mountain Cablevision Phone Service is 100% available to all customers in our service areas. That means if you can get our Cable TV service and our High-Speed Internet Service then you can get our Phone Service. We have a couple different packages to choose from when you sign up. All customers have access to basic 911 services (please review our 911 disclosure located here). Please call our office at 1-800-810-9846 for more assistance.

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