If its television you are looking for then Carolina Mountain Cablevision can really deliver with our Basic and Digital packages. With our television the most popular networks are available at great prices. For more information look below to see what might be best for you.

Basic Cable

With our Basic Cable TV you can receive 72 channels of content with something for everyone. These channels include local networks, news, entertainment, education, sports, movies, classics, and the most popular networks. Basic Cable is where it all starts if you want some of the best television available. For channel listings and rates please check out our channel guide and service rates.

With our Basic Cable you don't need any boxes or external devices in order to receive the channels. All you need is a cable ready TV to be able to watch all 60 channels. Each TV in the house can watch different channels at the same time. All homes are wired for Basic Cable from the start and it is the starting point for our other services. To order Basic Cable please call our local office at 828-926-2288 and tell them you want Basic Cable installed in your home.

Digital Cable

With Digital Cable you can receive so much more than the regular Basic Cable package. Try over 200 channels available including Basic Cable, movies, sports, digital music, and pay per view. If music is your thing we have over 35 channels of all digital music to listen to. If movies are your thing you will have access to tons of movies on our 11 pay per view channels. With the on-screen guide you can navigate and keep up with whats playing or will be playing. You can setup your favorite channels so they are accessible with just the touch of a button on the remote. Digital Cable also includes parental controls to give you piece of mind when your kids are watching. Check out our FAQ's and policies for hints on locking your pay per view and other channels or ratings to prevent unauthorized use. With our Digital Cable every digital channel has crystal clear picture and sound quality to add even more enjoyment in watching. To see a list of all the channels and packages available with our Digital Cable please check out the channel guide and service rates.

Digital Cable requires the addition of a digital box to your televisions. In order to receive our Digital Cable on every TV in the house a digital box has to be added to each TV. If you just want Digital Cable on one TV then only that TV needs a digital box hooked up to it. Digital Cable requires that you already have or are getting our Basic Cable. With Digital Cable the basic 72 channels (2 through 73) will not be digital and will remain analog (some of those channels are duplicated in digital in the higher channels). To order Digital Cable please give our local office a call at 828-926-2288 and tell them you want Digital Cable installed in your home.

HD Cable

Take the Basic and Digital Cable packages above, add HD, and you have the ultimate entertainment package. All you need is one of our HD/DVR receivers instead of the regular digital box and the HD package and you will have access to watch all of the HD channels that we offer. Call us now to get your HD/DVR receiver today!


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