Virus Information

It is always wise to keep your computer secure and virus or trojan free.  It not only helps your pc run better but it also helps keep the virus or trojan from spreading to other users.  Many viruses and trojans go undetected and you have no idea that they are causing harm. If you notice slow internet speed it could possibly be caused by a virus or trojan.

Make sure your PC is secure and virus free by running Symantec's free online scan tools which are located at the following link:

Symantec's Free Online Scan Tools

Want to buy the best anti-virus protection for your pc?  Just follow the link below to purchase it online:

Norton Antivirus

To give your pc the most secure connection use a router between your cable modem and your pc or purchase a cable modem/router combo.  You could also use a software solution on your pc.

If you find you have a virus you can find the appropriate removal tool from the link in the box on the right.


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